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Frequently asked questions

      What is the contract length? 

All contracts have a duration of twelve (12) months and can't be terminated within this period, only in exceptional situations (for example if you quit your study). It is not possible to rent a studio for a different time. Only if a semester has already started and studios are still available, contracts can have a different startduration, but the end-date will be the same.

      Can I rent a studio at the Sugar Homes?

You can rent a studio at the Sugar Homes if you are a student of one of the two universities of Groningen: Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Hanze UAS) or the University of Groningen (RUG).


      What is the price of the studios?

For just € 660,00 (price from 01-08-2024) you have your own private apartment. This price includes the living costs for water, advance electricity, heating and internet. 

      Is rental allowance (huurtoeslag) possible?

Yes, when you live at the Suikerlaan you can apply for rental allowance. The amount you can get depends on your own financial situation. More information about the rental allowance can be found on the website of the tax agency.

More information regarding your application for huurtoeslag at the Suikerlaan you can find here.

      When do I pay my rent?

You will pay the rent via a bank transfer ahead every month. You can pay the rent also ahead for several months. Please let us know so we can send you a special invoice. If rent is not payed in time we can add an administrative fine. 

      What is the BIC or Swift code?

Both are the same code and you will need this for making an international payment to our bank. The code you can use is RABONL2U

      How much do I pay in the first month?

The first month is slightly different from the rest of the months. Before the first month you have to pay the rent for the first and last month of the contract plus the deposit. This money needs to be payed before you can receive the keys.


We use a refundable deposit of € 750,00. If you leave the studio in good condition (cleaned and without personal belongings), you will receive your deposit back. We use €125,00 for standard final cleaning costs. Your studio has to be in the original state: so, no other colors, no holes in the walls, no stickers etc. 

      What is included in the price?

This prices includes all cost for renting: rent, advance electricity, heating, water and internet. You will get your private studio, including all the furniture mentioned in the next paragraph.


      What comes with the studio?

The studio is fully equipped, so that you do not have to buy any furniture before moving in. Within the studio you wil find the basic needs: a bed, a closet for your clothes, a table, a few chairs and a kitchen with fridge and cooker. Bedding, cutlery and other small furniture are not included. 

Tip: you can use your bed as a sofa as well. In that way you can place a double bed yourself if you like!

      What do I have to bring myself?

Kitchen tools, bedding and other small furniture are not present while moving in. We recommend you to bring those yourself. Right outside the Sugar Factory Area you will find a Jysk where you can buy cheap bedding and other (small) furniture. 

      Can I live here with two people? 

The studios are made for one person only. It is therefore not allowed to rent a studio with two persons.

      Guest policy

That a studio is for one person only does not mean you can not have guest over. As long as you live alone in the studio, you are free to have guest stay at your place for a short period. 

      What is the renting process?

When interested in the studio you can let us know via the contact- and/or bookingform. You will receive an intake form, which we use to check if you qualify as a tenant. If this is the case we can offer you a studio and send you a contract (only after confirmation of the manager). After signing the contract you will receive an invoice for the first month. As soon as this is payed, and the contract starts, you will receive your key.

      What is needed for the intake form

To see if you qualify to live at the Sugar Homes, we ask you to provide us with some documents. You will need to fill in your personal information, send us a proof of enrollment  and a copy of your student card.

Early in the process of enrollment it is possible you do not have those documents yet, in that case an acceptance letter is sufficient as well, but please send all requested documents as soon as you have them.

      What is the address of the studio?

All studios are located at Suikerlaan 1, 9743 DA Groningen. For all mail correspondence you can give the address Suikerlaan 1-100 (when you live in studio 100). Only the municipality doesn't recognize the suffix, which you can leave out. For all other communications use the suffix at all time, to make sure the mail is delivered. 

      Public transport

The studios are accessible by public transport. There is a bus stop right outside of the Suikerunieterrein, the busstop is called Atoomweg. All the busses that pass by here bring you to the city center or main station, from where you can switch to the bus to Zernike Complex or walk to the university.

      Can I park my bike, scooter or car with my studio?

Yes, we offer parking space for free for all means of transportation. Cars can be parked right next to the buildings, bikes and scooters can be parked in the bike racks between the blocks.

      When can I get my key?

You can get your key on any business day after your contract starts. Does your contract start in the weekend, this means you can pick up your key after the weekend. We will contact you to schedule an appointment for the check-in (inspection) and key transfer. 

      Are laundry machines and dryers available?

We offer a laundry room for all tenants. Here you can wash your laundry and dry them afterwards. The prices are € 4,00 for a load of laundry and € 3,50,- for using the dryers (detergent not included). Both machines are industrial size, so way bigger than your average home laundry machine.


We cannot guarantee all foreign cards to work. However all Dutch debit cards will work on these machines. You will have to pay with a contactless bank card (debit only). There is no possibility to put in your PIN code, so if you know you need to do laundry, make sure to pay somewhere that day with your card and use the pin code.

      Complex manager

Groningse Panden is the complex manager of the Sugar homes. If there are any damages or malfunctions or you experience nuisance, you can contact them via email and they will make sure everything is solved as soon as possible. 


You pay the rent one month in advance and it must be paid before or on the first of the relevant month. You will receive a monthly invoice by email which you have to pay. For example, you will receive an invoice for the rent of March in mid-February via email. Please make sure that this invoice is paid before the 1st of March. If you pay too late, we are forced to add an administrative fine.


You are responsible for cleaning your own studio, including the balcony and the gallery or paving near your studio. The balcony should not be used as a storage for garbage. After your lease period, a professional company will carry out a final cleaning in your studio for which you pay €125,00. Please note that if the studio has been neglected and left very dirty, this cleaning fee may increase. The total hourly rate of the cleaning company will then be charged.       


      Moving out

If you move out before your contract ends, please let us know so we can make an appointment to handover the keys. We will then check your studio to see if everything is in good condition. After the check out you do not have access to your studio anymore.

If you move out in the last week of your stay, the check out will happen in a slightly different way. You will get more information abou this in your last month. 

      Smoking, alcohol and drugs

- It is not allowed to smoke inside your studio. Any tracks of smoking (visual or smell) must be removed, the costs will be deducted from the deposit. 
- Drugs are forbidden at the property completely, inside as well as outside.

      Are pets allowed? 

All pets are forbidden at the studios.

      Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
For emergency situations: There is an AED available at the Suikerunieterrein. When you enter the Suikerfabriek (the old factorybuilding with the red stairs) through the main entrance, you can find it hanging on the wall on the right. 

      Cancellation policy

The contract you have signed cannot be canceled after signing. Only in special cases it is possible to terminate the contract earlier.

      Registration with the municipality

If you come to the Netherlands to study or work, you will need to register at the local municipality. You will also need a Citizen Service Number (Burgerservicenummer, BSN) for your dealings with the Dutch authorities.  Once you have signed the housing contract you can register at the municipality. You can register with the address Suikerlaan 1, 9743 DA Groningen. You do not have to add your studio number to the address. Registration with the municipality can be done here.

Did you read through all this information and still have a question? Please use the contact form below.

If you have a question about living at the Suikerlaan you can use this FAQ to search for the information that you are looking for. 

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