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Sugar Homes

At the Sugar homes we offer our tenants multiple facilities on site or close by. Below you will find all the information you will need.


Parking space

With the studios is enough space to park all your bike, scooters or cars. The bike storage is secured with a CCTV system.

Common room (Henk's Place)

A communal area for all tenants to hang out where you can buy some food or drinks. It's also a nice place to study or have a meeting with other tentants. It's managed by Henk. 

Bike rental

Your own bike, delivered to your studio, from € 19,90 per month.

Reserve your bike right away online via Swapfiets.

Facilities on site


Outside area

Right next to the common room will open a nice outside area to hang out when summer is here. Right next to the water this will be a nice spot to meet for a drink and enjoy the sun.

Waste Disposal

Right next to the studios you will find big dumpsters where you can put your household trash in.

Restaurant - De Huiskamer - the old factory building

In the old factory you can find de Wolkenfabriek. They organize dinners on Sundays with a different menu every time. Check their website for the calendar.



All tenants can use the industrial size laundry machines and dryers provided by us. This means you have more space in your studio. The machines can be used for a small fee.

Geparkeerde schoolbussen

Public transport

The bus stop is located right next to the sugar factory area. It will bring you straight to university, city center or the main station.

Hut van de badmeester

Bar / beach - Rebel Rebel Hostel

At the Rebel Rebel Holstel you can of course book a room for your friends, but they also have a real city beach. A nice place to hang out with your friend, have beer and take a dive in the water.

Bar - EM2 - Cultural stage

EM2 is a cultural stage where there are a lot of themed parties. During the summer months they are open for lunch, a drink or a nice night out. You can check their website for the opening hours or their party calendar.

Red Barn
Fruit & Vegetable Market

Supermarkets and markets

The closest supermarket is only at 1,5 km away. If you go a little further into the city center you will find a fruit and vegetable market a few times a week.


Just around the corner, at Protonstraat, you will find the gym. Fully equipped, with personal trainers. For more information you can visit their website.

Gym Equipment
blond Doctor

Doctors office - Health centre

On your way to the city center or university you will find a big general practice (GP). You can sign up here for a doctors appointment, but they offer all health related services.

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