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Sugar Homes

In order to book a studio you will need to fill in our intake form, which you can download from here. Afterwards follow the steps below carefully.


Note: the studio's are only available for students!

  1. Read through the intake form and fill it in. Mention also the expected end-date. 

  2. Make sure you have the requested documents available and add them to the intake file by following the next step.

  3. Merge all document into one PDF file, for example via this website.

  4. Send the intake form to this email address.

Do not forget the requested documents from the Intake Form, they are important for the rest of the procedure. Intake forms that do not have all the requested documents won't be processed.

After we have received your intake form we will check if you match the criteria to rent a studio at the Sugar Homes. You will hear more from us about the process afterwards as soon as possible.

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